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We have been manufacturing bees wax ear candles since 1996. When we were first introduced to ear candles, we were quite skeptical. In fact, upon a bit of investigation, we discovered that the claims of ear candles "sucking wax" from the ear were not true.

However, we could not deny the fact that after using them, our sinuses were clear...our allergies were under control...and we just felt good. We knew that "something" had happened.

Often we receive e-mails, and phone calls from folks around the country asking us why we take exception to the claims of ear wax removal made by most manufacturers of ear candles (not all make those claims). We answer honestly. Please know that just because an ear candle can not "suck the wax" from an ear, does not mean that it is not a valuable home remedy for many, many people suffering from a broad range of symptoms.

The more we research, and the more practitioners, doctors, and researchers we visit with, the clearer our understanding of the potential benefits of ear candling becomes. To read what we believe about that, you may want to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

There are all kinds of claims made by manufacturers and retailers of ear candles. Some are just outrageous, but some are valid, and based in anecdotal accounts from customers or personal experience. We receive e-mails and calls from people almost daily reporting one success or another. But, to make specific claims is just not ethical. Ear candles are a home remedy. Some people get excellent help for their symptoms. Some people do not. Some people notice an immediate difference in their hearing, and other senses. Some people do not notice anything. Some customers report instant relief of sinus pressure, vertigo, and allergy attacks. Some people do not get any results. Ear candling is an inexact procedure, with results that can not be predicted. To make any claims at all about their effectiveness is at best foolish, and at worst fraudulent. However, they worked for us!

In 1996, ear candles were hard to find, and quite much as $4 each. Having a large family, we decided to make them ourselves for our own use. We began to share our bees wax ear candles with family and friends. When the word got around about our candles, we began to supply a few practitioners, and health food stores locally. Then one thing lead to another, and we made the decision to promote our product to a broader market.

We currently supply hundreds of retailers, and end users...Health Food Stores & Co-ops, Massage Therapists, Ear Candle Practitioners, Chiropractors, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, RN's, MD's, and just plain folks who use ear candles on a regular basis.

We appreciate our customers. Every customer is important, whether they need 12 candles, or 1200. We make the promise that we will always try hard...give fast, friendly service...and always be straightforward with our customers. This is our philosophy of business. Momma always said " honesty is the best policy."

Momma was right!


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