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Ear Candling Instructions


Have a bowl of water close at hand, scissors, matches (or a lighter), a toothpick, and a paper plate, or metal pie tin.

1. Place the subject in a comfortable position on their side.

2. Cut a dime-size hole in the paper plate, or pie tin, (This will serve to catch any wax, should some drip from the outside of the candle).

3. Insert the candle through the hole in the plate. Light the large end of the candle, and place the small end firmly seated in the ear canal. If smoke is escaping from the small end, please seat the candle again.

During the process, please hold the candle at a slight angle from perpendicular (at least 20 degrees).

This will keep any melting wax that runs down the inside of the candle from depositing in the ear. Any melting wax will harden before it reaches the tip. This will also slow the small end of the candle from becoming stopped with wax, and residue, during the procedure, providing maximum benefit.

4. After the first 2 minutes, remove the candle from the ear, and clean out the tip with a toothpick. This will keep smoke flowing into the ear canal.

Note: if it is more comfortable, you may hold the candle in a straight up and down position.

5. Remove the candle from the ear about every 3 minutes. Check to see that the tip is open, and trim off the burned portion of the candle into the bowl of water with a sharp pair of scissors. Do not trim away so much that the flame is extinguished. (This will provide maximum injection of the smoke throughout the process. )

6. Let the candle burn down to no closer than 3” from the end. Extinguish the burning end in the bowl of water, and dispose of it in a safe manner.

The session is complete, unless you want to candle the other ear. If so, repeat all steps.


Note: A very small amount of ash may fall from the candle during the process. The amount will be negligible, and should not be a cause for concern.

Note: Always keep the flame end up, and the tip down. An ear candle burned with the flame end down will consume in an extremely short time, and is a fire hazard.

(refer to illustration above)

You are using an open flame, so always be cautious, and use common sense while using this product.

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Ear Candles are not a medical device. They are a home remedy. Results will vary from user to user. No results are guaranteed, or implied by Colonial Ear Candles. The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or effectiveness. Do not use ear candles as a substitute for professional medical treatment. Colonial Ear Candles does not assume liability for any damage that may occur. As with all home remedies, the user assumes all liabilities. Use caution, and common sense with this product.


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